WATCH: Muslim Rape Gang Leaves Court, Horror When They See Who’s Outside

After raping an 11-year-old girl, among several others, and even branding her, a rape gang is now being tried for their horrific crimes. Unfortunately for the 17 suspects who were leaving court recently, they were left horrified after setting foot outside – and that’s about the time they saw who was waiting for them.

According to Mail Online, 9 Muslim men were recently arrested for grooming and raping several vulnerable girls, aged 11 to 16, in Oxford, England over the past eight years. Furthermore, one of the rapists had burned the letter “M” into one of the white girl’s legs in order to brand her as the property of Muhammad, their so-called “prophet.”

Although they thought they had a good thing going and would get away with their vile acts, members of the Islamist rape gang were eventually caught. In fact, police were able to arrest and charge another 8 Muslims found to be in connection with the rape gang bringing the total number involved to a whopping 17. Now, their trial is finally underway.

Unfortunately for them, they recently walked outside of the courthouse after being released on bond and were more than likely wishing they had just stayed in jail. As it turns out, the Muslims would be left horrified to see who was waiting outside to confront them.

For those unaware, Tommy Robinson is making quite the name for himself in England and all over the world, as he openly opposes Islam and the violent practices the ideology teaches. All caught on video, Tommy could be seen boldly walking up to the cowardly rapists, who were covering their faces at the time, to ask them what they were on trial for.

Although he already knew what they had done, the badass merely wanted to hear from them and see if they had any remorse. Come to find out, they didn’t and, worse, neither did their families and loved ones who all sought to protect their rapist relatives and justify their actions.

As Tommy stepped up his game, not allowing for the Muslim cowards to merely run off, the other Muslims outside grew angry and hostile. Before long, the Islamic punks tried to show their emotional and intellectual immaturity by provoking a physical confrontation, but police quickly shut down every attempt.

Unfortunately, this case is just the most recent in an endless list of atrocities carried out by members of Islam. Even worse yet, Muslims seem to be most emboldened while in the company of other Islamists who also follow the disturbing commands of their “holy book” the same way, just as Muhammad himself, Islam’s “perfect man,” modeled.

With their own prophet being a pedophile, marrying a girl at age 6 and raping her at 9 years old, what more can you expect from the people who blindly follow his lead as their religious texts teach that he is the example they should emulate? In the end, Islam will never be a peaceful religion as the sickening crimes perpetrated by their members take place because of the fundamental flaws within the religion.

Sadly, the left enables and excuses the actions of Muslims for the sake of “political correctness” as they continue to rape little children. My guess is, if this little girl was the family member of the same people defending Islam, they would be singing a different tune. Fortunately, we have people out there like Tommy Robinson to speak the truth in hopes of preventing those same people from falling victim to such horrors.