Starbucks CEO Opens Shops Especially For Muslims, Horrified By Sick ‘Thanks’ He Receives

In a deliberate attempt to display acceptance of migrants, the CEO of Starbucks opened multiple coffee shops to specifically cater to one special group. However, shortly after appeasing them, the CEO was shocked to discover how his new customers repaid his kindness.

Until stepping down in April 2017, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz frequently made headlines for his politicizing the coffee corporation. Whether he was telling the Christian majority that their business wasn’t welcome or vowing to discriminately hire thousands of Muslim asylum seekers, Schultz used the international restaurant chain to defy conservatives and, ultimately, President Donald Trump at every turn. Now that Kevin Johnson has taken over as CEO, he’s finding that continuing Schultz’s legacy of supporting both liberal interests and Muslim values reaps devastating results.

Despite supporting Muslims in various politicized moves, former-CEO Schultz has left successor Johnson to inherit a once untouchable corporation choking on its own values. After specifically catering to Muslims in Islamic Malaysia and Indonesia, devout Muslim organizations are boycotting Starbucks and demanding the coffee chain’s license to do business in the countries be revoked because of the company’s support of LGBT rights.

After years of conservatives warning liberals that their values are incompatible with their temporary Muslim allies, the Islamic community in 2 very profitable nations has turned against the corporate giant that has consistently supported them. Schultz abandoned his position as CEO just in time for Johnson to feel the effects of years of furthering the Islamic and leftist agenda, fleeing as Sharia law advocates began rising up with fierce international opposition toward his pro-LGBT stance.

The massive boycott was organized by Muhammadiyah, Indonesia’s second-largest Islamic group, in order to stand for the Islamic prophet’s hardline stance against homosexuality and brutal punishment of such acts. The movement was joined last week by the Malaysian group Perkasa, which supports the rights of Malay Muslims per the Quran and hadith, as support for the boycott grows to devastating numbers. The call to boycott was raised by Amini Amir Abdullah, the head of Perkasa’s Islamic affairs bureau, according to Daily Mail.

“Our objection is because they are promoting something that is against the human instinct, against human behaviour and against religion. That’s why we are against it,” Amini said on Wednesday.

The boycott only recently gained ground after a 2013 video of Schultz’s pro-LGBT comments recently resurfaced, drawing the Muslim groups’ ire. In the clip, Schultz proclaims that Starbucks embraces the LGBT community in response to Christians who will not support gay marriage. While Schultz likely believed he was only alienating his Christian customers, he ironically couldn’t foresee that he would be enraging the Muslim world, whose laws prescribe the death penalty for homosexuals.

“Though we are founded in the United States, we are a global company with over 300,000 partners and 26,000 stores in 75 markets around the world. In all countries where we do business, we are proud to be a part of the fabric of the local community, and we strive to be respectful of local customs and traditions while staying true to Starbucks long-standing values and purpose,” a Starbucks spokesman said in a statement, the Chicago Tribune reports.

While not every Muslim will follow the boycott, even those who still want to consume Starbucks products admit that they disagree with its political stance on gay marriage.

“I love their products, not their CEO,” said Jakarta resident Kornelius Kamajaya.

Although Schultz was the driving force behind Starbucks’ liberal political campaign, Johnson is left to pick up the pieces. Unfortunately, this includes more damaging press than even a two-country boycott.

In the birthplace of Islam, Starbucks blew up media around the world for supporting gender segregation and misogyny after their stores refused to allow women inside. Coffee franchises in Saudi Arabia not only refused to serve women but would not let them enter, in accordance with Sharia law. Women were forced to send male relatives or escorts inside to complete orders as Starbucks concealed what these locations were doing.


16 thoughts on “Starbucks CEO Opens Shops Especially For Muslims, Horrified By Sick ‘Thanks’ He Receives

  1. Muslims invented coffee drinking. They dont want the arrogant, self absorbed watered down white man brew.

  2. Starbucks opens shops “specifically for Muslims.” Wait… WHAT? That is ASTOUNDING. How could that even be legal?

  3. Let’s see. They are in moral outrage over homosexuality yet they insist it’s fine to marry a seven year old AND to mutilate her genitalia. Anyone see conflict of values and morals? As for Starbucks, I’ve not set foot in one since they began acting so stupid and don’t miss them, at all. That said, when one decides to enter the political fray, one ought be fully suited up and prepared for consequences. Here endeth the lesson.

  4. Over priced, and over rated. I stopped going there twenty years ago. Now they are finding actual feces in the coffee shops run by the muslimes, because they wipe their ass with their hand, and fight against any sanitation regulations. So now, Starbucks will either denounce LGBT, or stop cooperating with muslimes? They never should have gotten political in the first place.

  5. Today a Muslim family bought some coffee from Tim Horton’s in a Peterborough, Ontario shopping mall which also sells sandwiches which may include ham so they must not have had a problem with something non-Halal.

  6. I’m boycotting for all the above reasons but especially now that they’ve found ‘fecal matter’ in their coffees. Figures. I support Organic coffee shops that don’t promote weird agendas. Starbucks is now a sinking ship and it’s about time

  7. No one sane wants their ‘fecal matter’ coffee now anyways. Since doing tests on their coffee and finding that, no sane person would drink that anymore. I’ve been boycotting them for 2 years now for all the above reasons as well. You don’t want normal, intelligent people in your shops, so be it! you get what you get now!

  8. You reap what you sow! Hopefully their name will be gone soon and lessons will be learned by other corporations.. If you want to get into the political arena, be prepared for the repercussions that go with it. If they stuck to making crappy (now we know literally) coffee, they would not be dealing with any of this.
    They basically told Christians they didn’t want their business, coveted the Muslims who are treating them as they did the Christians, and saying they (Muslims) do not want their business. Maybe Starbucks should have just treated all customers equally and they wouldn’t be in this mess.
    I for one am not shedding a tear nor loosing any sleep!

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