Muslim Refuses ‘Racist’ Hood Ban, Banker Wipes Entitled Grin Off Her Face

An incredible video is going viral after an Oregon woman decided to wear a hijab into her local bank after reading a sign that clearly banned head coverings of any kind. Unfortunately for her, things didn’t end well. In fact, she would later leave in tears after a banker inside decided to wipe the grin off her face – and to say it worked is a bit of an understatement.

According to Jamela Mohamed, she is a customer of Sound Credit Union of Kent in Washington state, but her most recent visit is likely to change that when it didn’t exactly go according to plan, and it all boils down to her religion and child-like behavior.

According to her post on Facebook, Jamela explains that she was observing “Jummah,” which is a special prayer held every Friday at the mosque, and she still had her “hood” on when she walked into the bank to pay a car note. Immediately, an employee directed her attention to a big sign right in front of her that simply read, “Please remove: Hats, hoods, sunglasses.” At first, Jamela complied and left the bank, but she had something much more sinister in mind.

As she explains, she went out to her car but soon returned wearing her hijab in order to instigate employees within the bank. Then, she whipped out her camera, knowing full well what was about to happen as she went back inside. Wearing her Islamic head covering, Jamela can be seen in the video with a smug grin on her face as she tried to instigate staff for the sake of attention.

The entitled brat kept pushing buttons, but she soon crossed paths the wrong woman. As it turns out, a banker named Suzanne wasn’t about to take crap from a woman they had already had dealings with just a few moments before.

She asked Jamela to leave before giving her a simple countdown, starting from the number three – just like you would a child, which, let’s face it, is exactly how this Muslim woman was acting. Before long, she proves this even more after essentially being chased out of the bank for violating the rules and then sobbing uncontrollably in her car.

Of course, once inside her vehicle but still quite visible to anyone passing by, she had absolutely no problem removing her “oh-so-important” hijab while she continued recording herself, knowing full well it was about to be posted for the world to see. Long story short here, this woman went in looking for a fight and then started crying like a child after she got exactly what she wanted.

Now, her video is going viral as leftist apologists express sympathy for what was effectively brought upon her by her own hand. The fact of the matter here is that if Jamela is truly upset, she has no one to blame but herself. You don’t get to run around in traffic then complain that you got hit by a car.

Clearly, wearing a hijab wasn’t important to this woman since she’s seen immediately after her provocation without it. She did it to get a reaction, waging social and political jihad, and now, she’s getting the attention she wants because things played out the way she knew they would as indicated by the sign posted. The rules in that bank are there for a reason. Criminals usually only rob establishments like that with their heads or faces covered, so the business has every right to ask anyone, Muslim or otherwise, to uncover their heads.

So much of what’s being called “Islamophobia” could be avoided if Muslims could just follow the rules and follow the law. Every day, Islamic supremacists show their belief that their religion is above the law of the land, but it’s not — yet. However, ploys like this one then being called “discrimination” is exactly how Islamization spreads. A company has every right to make this demand within their place of business. If you don’t like it, fine, do business elsewhere. You don’t have the right to harass them over it, and you most certainly don’t get to cry about it when you get a taste of your own medicine.


12 thoughts on “Muslim Refuses ‘Racist’ Hood Ban, Banker Wipes Entitled Grin Off Her Face

    1. She knows the laws well because I heard her english sounding better tha many. She just did that in hopes of getting 15 minutes of fame. Instead she got 30 seconds on facebook. Lol.

  1. Good. Now she has something to show her dirt eating friends who think they’re going to get away with this bullshit.
    Enough is enough. You scumbags DON’T make the rules here. You FOLLOW THEM or you GET GONE.

    1. She had no problem ripping her
      head scarf off and Having a mental hissy fit on tape in her car, did it . ?
      Muslim attention seeker …sthu

  2. You walked in looking for trouble, you wanted to stir some shit up, well you got it didn’t you. But this crazy ass bitch got all the trouble thrown right back at her. Way to go Suzanne the banker, stand your ground, no exceptions for the devil”s deciples of satanic islam. You bitches be wary …..we are not putting up with your stupid shit. LOL…Islam men and women are nothing but killing, raping pedophile monsters walking on earth and doing the devil’s work against christiansl Be gone you devils….may you all go straight to Hell.

  3. Ah, she took her hood down in the car and to yell at the bank manager, just follow the damn rules and shut up or go back to muslum land.

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