Finsbury Park terror attack: one dead near north London mosque – latest updates

Home secretary confirms police treating van attack as terror incident and Theresa May will chair emergency meeting after van strikes pedestrians, killing one, in Seven Sisters Road.

The streets around the junction of Fonthill Road and Seven Sisters Road are sealed off by a police cordon, and there is a heavy media presence.

Abdikadir Warfa, who was just around the corner and witnessed the immediate aftermath of the attack, said the vehicle used to plough through people near the Muslim Welfare House, said it appeared a white lorry with yellow markings was used. “I think it was rented,” he said.

“Everyone was lying on the street shouting, crying ‘help me’. I saw a man trying to run and everyone was trying to stop him,” he added. Four or five men were restraining him. “He was shouting something but I couldn’t hear.”

Several people pointed out that had the collision taken place minutes earlier it would have caused even more harm, as people were already dispersing after prayers.

A 22-year-old man, who asked not to be named, said he heard tyres screaming and saw the lorry “stuck on the barriers” where it had apparently swerved towards people. “People started screaming, saying we need help, call police, call an ambulance.”

He saw people lying on the pavement. “Their families were crying. A lady was crying and saying, my brother, my brother, he can’t breathe.”

People flagged down a police van that was passing along Seven Sisters Road and the eyewitness described how people handed over the suspected attacker. He showed videos filmed by his friends showing injured people lying in the street, one receiving CPR, and the suspect, a tall white man with dark hair wearing a black T-shirt, being put into the police van.

Driver arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, Scotland Yard says