Antifa P*** Star Scams Thousands On GoFundMe, Here’s What She Did With It

After picking a fight, an Anti-Fascist (Antifa) woman was able to garner quite a bit of sympathy after someone punched her in the face in self-defense.

However, the entitled freeloader quickly decided to abuse her temporary platform to sucker thousands of dollars out of charitable folk – and people have been left shocked to hear what she’s actually doing with the money, despite previous promises.

Mad World News has previously reported on Louise Rosealma – the 95 pound punk with an ax to grind against everything America. News of the Antifa brat went viral after a video depicting her being punched in the face was shared to social media and began to spread like wildfire.

However, sympathy towards the so-called “activist” was short lived as the public learned exactly what she did just before the fight. Come to find out, Rosealma actually went to the event to enact violence on supporters of President Donald Trump as she proclaimed on Facebook her desire to “collect 100 Nazi scalps” at the event.

As if that wasn’t enough, she also brought wine bottles with her to be used as weapons in order to fight the peaceful protesters in the street. Unfortunately for her, things didn’t exactly work out, as the video shows her getting decked and whimpering about her well-deserved injuries later.

Of course, it was also revealed that Rosealma moonlights as a porn star, willing to sell her body for money, but her depravity gets even worse. Most recently, another video has surfaced in which Rosealma advocated the use of explosives on Trump supporters because “the revolution isn’t f*cking easy”:

Long story short, this isn’t the golden girl that the left tried to play her off as. Despite this reality, Rosealma and her gaggle of leftists were able to sucker thousands of dollars out of the public after her video went viral. Within just a few short hours, a GoFundMe page raked in almost $5,000, but that cash influx quickly came to a grinding halt.

As it turns out, it seems that people didn’t exactly support Rosealma’s lifestyle choices and weren’t willing to hand over their hard-earned money to the immoral disgrace she was found out to be. In the end, only another $1000 would slowly trickle in over the next few days, bringing her total freeloading scheme to about $6,600. However, even that is too much after what else has recently come to light.

Although the page said that she was hospitalized on account of several injuries sustained and that the money would be used for medical costs, that too turned out to be a lie. Not only did Rosealma only suffer a small cut to her nose that healed in a day or two, but she’s since announced how she will be spending the donated cash.

According to the latest statement on the GoFundMe page, the Antifa porn star is giving the money to her boyfriend to start an organization called the Democracy@Work Action group. Essentially, what this means is that she’s using the money to fund an official anti-Trump organization that is ready to enact more violence on the president’s supporters.

This woman is no good, but she shines a light into the depths of the left that they don’t want you to see. At first, liberals lauded this coward as a hero, but she’s turned out to be nothing more than a lying and immoral sack of garbage, willing to sucker anyone out of a few bucks.

Although she may have made off with a few thousand dollars, we all know that won’t last for very long. In the meantime, the rest of America already knows this bimbo got exactly what she deserved – the video of which will be enjoyed for years to come.