ALERT: Feds Hear Rumors & Raid NY Muslim’s Home, Horrified By What They Find Inside

A New York Muslim man inadvertently landed himself on the radar of federal agents. After hearing a few rumors and launching a brief investigation, officials decided to raid Ali Kourani’s home in the Bronx only to be left horrified by what was inside – and now, the entire country is on high alert.

Currently, details are still coming forward about 32-year-old Ali Kourani and what he did to draw the attention of law enforcement. As it turns out, the Muslim man warranted a bit more than police to be watching him from a distance as federal agents most recently raided his home.

Although officials had a good idea of what the Islamist had been up to, nothing would prepare them for what they would find inside his house, and it’s causing quite a bit of panic around the country. According to Gellar Report, Kourani “has been secretly gathering intelligence on New York City military and law-enforcement facilities in support of a potential terrorist attack.”

The Muslim would later be identified as a “sleeper” for the Islamic Jihad Organization, a component of Hezbollah, as officials found detailed plans and research material pertaining to potential targets. An investigation into his computer would find over 250 Facebook searches with words including “martyrs of the holy defense,” “martyrs of Islamic resistance,” and “martyrs of the Islamic resistance in Lebanon.”

Kourani is the purest form of a devout Islamist, preparing to do exactly what the Quran commands and Muhammad modeled, but that’s not all. The Gateway Pundit reports that Kourani wasn’t alone in his efforts as federal agents also arrested a man by the name of Samer El Debek, 37, who lives in Dearborn, Michigan, for doing the same thing.

The two also looked for targets in Panama, including American and Israeli embassies, for other members of Hezbollah to attack. At this time, both Muslim men have been charged in Manhattan federal court with “providing support to a terrorist organization.”

El Debek was also charged with possessing extensive bomb-making training from Hezbollah. The head of the New York FBI office, William F. Sweeney Jr., said the charges “reveal once again that the New York City region remains a focus of many adversaries, demonstrated as alleged in this instance by followers of a sophisticated and determined organization with a long history of coordinating violent activities on behalf of Hezbollah.”

Unfortunately, it looks like the information and research that these two men had been gathering has already been passed along to the terrorist organization, meaning that an attack could be coming at any time. Anyone wanting to defend Islam at this point is a fool who is only putting the lives of Americans – perhaps even their own family and friends – in danger.

The sole purpose of Islam is one thing – world domination until nothing remains but Islam and all is for Allah. We already know that members of the religion are willing to kill to make this happen because that’s exactly what their holy texts tell them to do and the example their prophet set, so why is it so hard to believe that when attacks happen, Islam is the motivation. We’ve seen it in England most recently, and it can and one day will happen here again unless something changes. It’s better to be prepared and start looking at this threat for what it is. We shouldn’t need another 9/11 with thousands of Americans dead to open our eyes.

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