Swedish Government: 86% Of Child Refugees Are Adult Men

Newly released government data in Sweden reveals that 86% of so-called ‘child refugees’ are actually comprised of mostly male adults.  According to the data released by the Swedish National Board of Forensic Medicine (RMV), the majority of people entering the country seeking asylum are lying about their age in order to sneak in. reports: The RMV began […]


No red carpet for Trump, says London’s Khan

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has said he does not believe it is appropriate for the UK to “roll out the red carpet” for Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain. Mr Khan, who clashed with President Trump in a furious social media exchange following the London Bridge attack, said he doesn’t think the Government should put on a red […]


Muslim Sees White Woman Walking Her Dogs, Commits One Sick Act For Allah

A 54-year-old woman was recently walking her two dogs, “Panda” and “Poco,” when she was spotted by a teen immigrant, who took the opportunity to commit a vicious and sick act. Now, the woman is fighting for justice from a hospital bed after what was done to her, and now, many are outraged as one […]


Michigan Muslim Doctors Arrested As FBI Learns Sick Way They Took Advantage Of Patients

A group of Michigan doctors was in for a bit more than they bargained after deciding to take advantage of patients in quite a disturbing manner. Unfortunately for them, as soon as FBI agents learned of their dirty backroom secret, they were swiftly apprehended – and another 406 people have since been arrested in relation […]


Malia & Sasha Flown To Secret Location As Gowdy Confirms Obama’s ‘Worst Nightmare’ Is Here

Rumors are flying after Malia and Sasha Obama were flown to a secret “desert location” this weekend. This marks the first time Barack and Michelle Obama’s daughters have been sent alone to a destination, but with what the former president just learned is coming for him this week from Trey Gowdy, it makes sense. Barack’s about […]


Off Duty Bomber Pilot Is Headed Out On Vacation, When Flight Attendants Make Terrifying Announcement

Today’s story makes one thing clear – military men never stop serving their country. Even if they’re not on duty. And even if ‘serving their country’ means nothing more than ‘lend a hand to a fellow pilot.’ Which might not sound like a big deal, except that this particular pilot is landing a plane with 160 people on […]