EXCLUSIVE: Disgraceful moment ‘remorseless’ muslim thug, 23, spits and destroys Christian graves while recording it on Snapchat

This is Snapchat footage of the moment a ruthless thug pranced around a ‘haunted’ Sydney cemetery – apparently spitting on the burial sites – before destroying nearly 70 Christian graves.

In video shown to a court, grave-smashing stone mason Nassem Raad, 23, and a friend can be heard making spitting sounds and saying: ‘I’m in the graveyard… We’re in the f***ing graveyard… mutts… all these f***ers… Dogs.’

The alarming video emerged as a ‘remorseless’ Raad this week escaped time in jail but was slapped with a $63,000 fine and a nine-month suspended sentence for destroying 68 Orthodox graves at the Rookwood necropolis in November 2015.

The developments came as a Greek Orthodox woman whose parents’ graves Raad desecrated revealed that her family had to stump up the cost of the senseless destruction of her mother and fathers’ final resting place.

Raad was all smiles outside a Sydney courtroom this week – dressed in a hoodie and white cap

Sylvie Tsatsaronis told Daily Mail Australia she ‘screamed’ when she saw her parents’ final resting place desecrated on the TV news.

Along with the grave of her late parents, Georgia and Theodore, many of the destroyed memorials belonged to dead babies.

‘We were very affected by it’: The tombstone of Greek Orthodox parents Georgia and Theodore Tsatsaronis was toppled over by Raad

‘It was tragic. We were very affected by it. We were very angry,’ Ms Tsatsaronis said in an interview.

Raad’s crime left the grave in tatters for six months – meaning it was in ruins through Christmas and Easter, key religious times for the family.

‘The news came up and my parents’ grave was on TV,’ Ms Tsatsaronis said. ‘I screamed and my family came out running and we went straight to the cemetery.’

Ms Tsatsaronis was both distressed and bewildered because the graves are made out of marble meaning it would require a lot of effort to destroy.

In a social media post recently, Ms Tsatsaronis suggested the thugs had targeted the Orthodox Christian area of the Rookwood necropolis for a reason.

Mr Raad destroyed headstones and smashed crosses and candles while on his needless path of destruction at the sprawling necropolis

‘He would have had to pass the Islamic burial ground to get to the orthodox section.

‘This was a calculated hate crime against Christianity as well as disrespect for the departed’.

Her family was also lumbered with the $1300 damage bill and a long wait for repairs and for the police investigation to conclude.

‘Doing what they did is quite despicable and to do it to the deceased and desecrate peoples’ places of rest,’ she said.

Horrific images taken of the cemetery following the attack showed turned over and smashed gravestones, flowers scattered across footpaths and candles turned upside-down
Mr Raad desecrated up to 70 graves, including those of children and babies, has escaped jail time despite showing no remorse

‘And the amount of damage they’ve done was horrendous.

‘I was quite shocked when I went to the cemetery to see the amount of damage, the amount of tombstones they desecrated’.

She could not fathom why Mr Raad did such a thing.

But despite the fact he hasn’t apologised, Ms Tsatsaronis said in time Raad would understand the gravity of what he had done.

‘As a Christian we forgive. He, in time, will learn.

‘Someone close to him will die and he will know what it’s like to lose a loved one.

‘He would have empathy then.’