Principal Agrees To Make Elementary Girls Wear Hijab, Fierce Mama Bear Makes Him Regret It

After a liberal principal agreed with Muslim parents to force little girls to wear hijabs in his school, non-Muslim parents were outraged that he’d bow to oppressive Sharia law. However, as soon as one incredibly fierce mama bear caught wind of his plan, she quickly made him regret his decision to submit to Islam.

When the Muslim minority demands we adhere to oppressive Sharia legislation, the West’s first response should be to shun this foreign law. Ironically, ignorant leftists immediately capitulate, offering Muslims special privilege and enforcing ideological mandates that repress women and children. Fortunately, there are still strong women who are willing to rise up against these medieval practices for the victims who have no choice in the matter.

Blatantly submitting to and enforcing Sharia law, Queensland primary school principal and useful dhimmi Michael Josey planned with liberal school officials to implement a rule that prepubescent Muslim schoolgirls would wear hijabs in accordance with their Muslim parents’ wishes to mandate “sexual modesty coverings.” Understandably, Australian parents were outraged that female students under 10 were being considered responsible for ensuring that males do not lust after them. One such parent was Benowa State School P&C President Brooke Patterson, who happens to lead the parent organization.

According to Daily MailPatterson led outraged parents against the principal Josey and the school district, passing an emergency resolution to completely ban the hijab on children under the age of 10. However, the monumental move didn’t come easily. In fact, Patterson lost her first call to ban clothing that obscures the face at the Liberal National Party state conference but successfully led parents to ban the headscarf in her second submission. The resolution will now force Queensland primary schools, over 1230 state schools in total, to refuse to allow prepubescent girls to wear the compulsory hijab on school properties.

While debating Sharia supporters, Patterson explained that if the majority does not put their foot down now, the Muslim minority will continue to have their demands fulfilled.

“We need to debate this now, otherwise in three months there will be a Muslim uniform in state schools in Queensland,” she said.”Why would you be trying to do that in a secular state? We are not deciding at Benowa State School uniforms according to a Muslim culture. The people who are most vulnerable to this are the poor darling girls between the ages of five and nine. Their religion doesn’t say anything about prepubescent girls wearing a sexual modesty garment.”

Despite trying to shut down Patterson, Josey was unable to stop her from rallying the majority against the 1,400-year-old symbol of misogyny and female oppression.

“You will need to step aside with this matter and declare a conflict of interest, as your own personal political views cannot represent or influence the views of the P&C at this school,” Mr Josey wrote, according to the Gold Post Bulletin.

Fortunately, Josey’s attempt to stop any debate on the issue proved unsuccessful. Additionally, Queensland Labor frontbencher Leanne Enoch, another delegate in favor of making young children wear hijabs, failed so miserably in her argument that she actually made a good point for the opposition.

“I think it’s absolutely appalling, we live in a multicultural society,” Ms Enoch said. “They’re talking about what children should wear in schools; that is the dark ages.”

Much to Enoch’s dismay, the hijab is the most prominent Islamic relic of the dark ages. In fact, Sharia nations still enforce laws that require women and children, regardless of their religious beliefs or choice, to wear the hijab. In fact, this law stems from the Quran, which orders men to force women to cover themselves.

The only reason Muslim women and children cover themselves is that Islam holds the notion that the victims are to blame for the perverted transgressions of men. They must shield their identities in order to prevent men, whom the Quran calls the superior gender, from being seduced.

Although mandatory hijabs are typically reserved for girls who’ve entered puberty, Muslims are pushing for young children to cover their “sexual modesty” because their prophet saw little girls as sexual beings. While in his 50s, the pedophile prophet Muhammad married 6-year-old Aisha and had sex with her when she reached age 9. Like all of his other wives, Muhammad forced Aisha to cover up and beat her when she disobeyed.

If this school capitulates to Muslims’ demand for the hijab, they will only be signaling that they will enforce other equal aspects of Sharia law. As Patterson has modeled, parents must rise up against this call for Sharia recognition before they no longer have the right.

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