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Halal Sex: New Guide Details What a Muslim Woman Wants

A U.S.-born Muslim woman has published a new book, The Muslimah Sex Manual: A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex, in an effort to defeat what she claims are stereotypes regarding the relationship between Muslim women and sex. The author writes under the pen name Umm Muladhat to keep her identity anonymous and details ways Muslim couples can grow a […]


WHO Has Serious Warning For People Engaging In Oral Sex

Unstoppable Form Of Gonorrhea Emerging Throughout World The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that a dangerous strain of gonorrhea is being spread by oral sex and a decline in condom use. Health experts said the sexually transmitted disease is becoming more resistant to antibiotics and might soon become impossible to treat. “The bacteria that […]

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This Military-Grade Masturbation Device Is Designed to Service Our Troops

The United States Armed Forces are the most powerful military force on the planet, so it only makes sense that they’re outfitted with the best weapons, gear, and yes, even masturbation devices. Meet the Lifetime Silicone Stroker, the world’s first male sex toy constructed with military-grade materials and designed with the American soldier in mind. […]

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Women Absorb And Retain DNA From Every Man They Have Sex With

Women retain and carry living DNA from every man with whom they have sexual intercourse, according to a new study by the University of Seattle and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. The study, which discovered the startling information by accident, was originally trying to determine if women who have been pregnant with a son might be […]

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Was there no in-flight movie then? Stunned Ryanair passengers stare open-mouthed as couple romp on Manchester to Ibiza flight

Randy couple romped in front of passengers on flight from Manchester to Ibiza Man asked if anyone had a condom before he started romping with girlfriend Mr Williams said crew did nothing to stop the couple or even reprimand them A randy couple romped on a Ryanair flight as passengers watched in shock and one […]

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5 sex moves you think she likes

The bedroom moves that sound good in theory, but only turn her off. You’ve been around the block once or twice, and no, we’re not talking alternate side of the street parking. We’re talking sex. You’ve done your homework, boned up on the finer points of doing the deed, and when it comes to getting busy between the sheets […]

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4 signs your partner is satisfied in bed

You might think that consistent orgasms are a huge indicator of a happy partner who looks forward to rolling around in the bed with you, but that’s not always the case. Being satisfied in bed truly means that your needs, your desires and your joy is being prioritized feel like they’re being taken care of, and knowing that your […]

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9 ways to add spice to the missionary position

Amp up your bedroom game with these 9 amazing missionary variations There’s first-time sex positions and there’s ‘making love’ sex positions; although missionary is not the position you’d usually go to for a random one-nighter. It allows you to look at each other and kiss while having sex, deepening your connection. “Porn styles may seem sexy on TV, but the […]

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Smart Dildos Caught Spying On Owners

$3.75 million class action lawsuit awarded to users who weren’t told they were in bed with a spy. The manufacturer of a bluetooth-enabled “smart dildo” has been ordered to pay out $3.75 million to users after it was caught collecting “extremely intimate data” about the way individual owners used the sex toy. The class action against […]

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3 extremely pleasurable sex positions for slim women

Couple must be a little bit more flexible to make these positions really work for both. The Zen Pause Mix up the spooning position by flipping onto your other side so you are facing your partner. Hook your leg around his side and bring him towards you. In this position you have plenty of opportunity […]