EXCLUSIVE: Disgraceful moment ‘remorseless’ muslim thug, 23, spits and destroys Christian graves while recording it on Snapchat

This is Snapchat footage of the moment a ruthless thug pranced around a ‘haunted’ Sydney cemetery – apparently spitting on the burial sites – before destroying nearly 70 Christian graves. In video shown to a court, grave-smashing stone mason Nassem Raad, 23, and a friend can be heard making spitting sounds and saying: ‘I’m in the graveyard… We’re in […]


United Nations Publish ‘Depopulation Plan’ On Their Website

The United Nations has published a depopulation plan on their very own website which details how western governments must replace their own indigenous populations. According to the UN, the decline in birthrates and aging populations can only be fixed by flooding America and Europe with Muslim refugees. reports: First, they take virtually all disposable income […]


Muslim Congresswoman’s Sick Secret Exposed After She Boasts ‘I’m Trump’s Nightmare’

Ilhan Omar, Minnesota’s newest Congresswoman, just made an appearance on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah. He gushed as she laughed it up, boasting, “I’m America’s hope and Trump’s nightmare.” Noah was intent on scoring points against Trump by using the Somali immigrant, who now sits in Congress, but that backfired as her sick secret got exposed. You […]


NY State Police Seize Huge Weapons Stockpile At Islamic Compound

A huge weapons stockpile including assault rifles, loaded handguns, flak jackets and ammunition feeding devices has been seized at a Muslim compound by New York State police, after an operation that a police major describes as a “tremendous blessing” that may have prevented a “large scale tragedy.” A long-time associate of a U.S.-based organization, Muslims […]


Pope Benedict Slams Pope Francis: ‘Catholic Church Is Capsizing’

Pope Benedict slammed his successor Pope Francis on Saturday, warning that the Catholic Church is a boat “on the verge of capsizing.” Pope Benedict also said that an observer viewing the Catholic Church under Pope Francis’s leadership would be forgiven for thinking that God has abandoned the Church. Speaking at the funeral of Cardinal Joachim Meisner, Pope […]


Kamala Throws Islamic Torture Victims Under The Bus While Protecting ‘Special Criminals’

Kamala Harris is getting a real thrashing by conservatives after she threw victims of torture under the bus while protecting her “special criminals.” Her hypocrisy is on full display, showing just what a lowlife she truly is, and it’s coming back to haunt her. You’ll love how Ms. Harris is put in her place by […]

LOVE & SEX 18+

Halal Sex: New Guide Details What a Muslim Woman Wants

A U.S.-born Muslim woman has published a new book, The Muslimah Sex Manual: A Halal Guide to Mind Blowing Sex, in an effort to defeat what she claims are stereotypes regarding the relationship between Muslim women and sex. The author writes under the pen name Umm Muladhat to keep her identity anonymous and details ways Muslim couples can grow a […]


‘Shocking’ Violence Against Police as Riots, ‘Muslim Refugee’ Sexual Assaults Grip German Summer Festival

A German folk festival in Schorndorf in Baden-Württemberg was rocked this weekend by riots and a number of sexual assaults by men police describe as coming from migration backgrounds. On Saturday night, police arrested three 17-year-old asylum seekers from Afghanistan who are accused of sexually harassing several women at the festival. The night before several […]


Somali Muslims Approach Pregnant Woman & Boyfriend, Show What Islam Does To Fornicators

When a group of Somali migrants spotted a pregnant woman walking with her boyfriend, they immediately confronted the unmarried couple and began arguing with them. However, just moments after the couple left, one of the men decided to show them what their religion prescribes for those who engage in sexual activity outside of marriage. Leftist […]